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According to a new study, first impressions may not be as important as we thought

According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, people tend to underestimate how much another person likes them.


Science says people decide these 9 things within seconds of meeting you

Within moments of meeting people, you decide all sorts of things about them, from status to intelligence to promiscuity.


3 very good ways to spend your time

If we aren’t running from task to task, the world says we are lazy. We feel we need to be busy all of the time for two reasons: fear and lack of vision.


Survey: 16% of people have made ‘a business connection’ on a flight

Over half of airline flyers say they have talked to strangers on a plane, while 16% have made a business connection and 14% made a long-lasting friend.

The Whole Human

1 characteristic which separates the hopeful from the heartbroken

In my experience, you don’t rich quickly. You don’t get fame quickly. You don’t get deep relationships quickly. Instead, you follow this process.

Personal Branding

Stop worrying about your first impression

I know, people are judgmental and first impressions are hard to change according to research. But that’s just one side of the story.


Here’s what a career sponsor is, and why you might want one

Even the best mentor may not help you get that promotion you’ve been dying for or a plum job at a different company. For that kind of help, you need someone else. You need a sponsor.


Ways to build your career confidence in a month

There are plenty of ways to supercharge your confidence and assurance with these helpful strategies from career experts.


What your handshake says about your career

Is your handshake getting you ahead or leaving you in the dust?

Personal Finance

Bumble is now going to help women get their businesses off the ground

Bumble has started the Bumble Fund led by Sarah Jones Simmer, Bumble Chief Operating Officer, and Bumble Senior Advisor, Sarah Kuns. With startups led and founded by women receiving only 2% of all venture capital last year, the Bumble founders saw a clear need to try to elevate these entrepreneurs.


How to gain the advantage during your next presentation

These highlights will give you a head start in preparing for your next big communication moment – business presentation, public speaking, etc.


How to write a must-open, cold work email

Sending a cold email can be an anxiety-provoking task, but it's not without benefits. Sometimes, doing it the hard way makes for the greatest success story.


This conversation stopper should be a starter

This line stops a conversation before it begins. When push comes to shove, we conform ... and resisting conformity causes us emotional distress.


The best closing lines for 5 critical work emails

To help people compose emails with impact, here’s a short guide on how to conclude each message based on a particular scenario.

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The only way to become a better public speaker as an introvert

And now, introvert, it’s time to tell you the truth: The only way you can become a better public speaker is to speak more.


4 career lessons we can learn from Millennials

Their perspectives are actually quite eye-opening, so, what career lessons can Millennials actually teach us about work?


How to improve your networking skills at big events

You might be new to the practice, or you might be an experienced networker. Either way, there’s always room for improvement — here are six ways to hone the skill and shine at your next networking event.


How to take advantage of warm weather as a remote worker

Flexible arrangements allow plenty of chances to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Are you taking full advantage of the opportunities?


4 tips for following up with a professional contact after what feels like forever

What happens when you go to a conference and meet a ton of new faces, but fail to follow up with them? Or when you let a year go by without contacting your mentor, who has been so invested in your development all along?

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Getting unstuck: The myth of work-life balance

The key to getting unstuck is self-care, even when that feels like your lowest priority and the last thing you have time for.


8 alternatives to traditional business cards

New ideas for business cards, which showcase your name and title and clearly and easily offer others your preferred ways of being in touch.

Mental Health

What happens to your brain when you smile

We’ve all heard that smiling is good for you, but when having a bad temper, or just one of those days where you want to stick your head in the sand, it can seem like the last thing you would feel like doing. However, even though pouting and a bad-temper can be legitimate at times, research has shown that smiling will not only leave you feeling happier, but that it has a particularly positive health effect on both body and mind.


3 ways to apply what you learned at a conference to your career

You should aim to keep the momentum going — here are three ways to apply what you learned at a conference to your career.


A professor explains why networking is a waste of time and what you should be doing instead

The “heart” of networking is rooted in selfishness, taking and using; while the great leaders all teach us that true success comes through serving.


The art of the cold-call

Ringing up a random stranger with a cold-call to ask them about that job or that great idea of yours is a nerve-wracking experience.