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Why being the backup person at work isn’t such a bad idea after all

There is something to be said for not being the top dog at work. Here are some reasons to celebrate being the backup.

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What do you do when your boss, supervisor or work wife gets fired?

What happens if the person you spend most of your days with and confide in at work ends up getting the ax? Here are some tips to help get you through the loss of your boss, work wife or supervisor.


10 female executives on how you can empower younger employees

As a woman, to not only rise to a leadership position but to exceed in influencing younger generations of trailblazers, it’s important to approach the workplace and your career through the lens of female powerhouses who have already carved their own paths.

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Telltale signs your coworkers despise you

Sometimes, it's abundantly clear that a coworker doesn't like you. But if you're having trouble deciphering the potential signs, here's a guide.


8 tips for when you fear age bias in the workplace

Organizations send older people they have stereotyped subliminal messages of disapproval that lower their confidence and depletes their self-esteem, creating doubt in their worth. Don't let age bias become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


When to be a lone wolf or choose to work with the herd

We’ve all heard the career tropes about there being no “I” in team and similar. So how do you know when to stick with the rest or when it’s best to strike out on your own?


How this senior tech exec stopped manning up and just started leading

She had to give herself permission to be her authentic self in her role.


Why acting like a lion will help you win at work — and why no one should want to be a goat

Many people have compared the corporate world to a Jungle. It can be scary at times. But the rewards of being the lion are worth it.


How smart people handle difficult people

Difficult people defy logic.


3 traits that explain why some managers are ineffective

These are some of the top bad manager traits.


How to focus at work when your mind is somewhere else

Ever find yourself in a situation where you get to work after a crazy morning, and just can't seem to snap out of your brain fog? Here are a few tips on how to focus when your mind is somewhere else.


How to speak up and advocate for your accomplishments at work

Being an introvert in the office can be hard. They have a lot to offer at work, but sometimes have a difficult time speaking up to show it. Here's how to advocate for your accomplishments and skills when you're not the most outgoing employee in the office.


It’s in the tea leaves: Study says one cup a day boosts creativity

Next time you're looking for inspiration for your next brainstorming session, take a break to brew yourself a cup of tea. Just one cup of black tea has the power to boost creativity long after you drink it.


14 ways to gain confidence when you’re at a new job and an introvert

If you are an introvert, there are many aspects of life that can feel extra challenging — like gaining and communicating self-confidence at a new job.


This study finds that Queen Bee Syndrome is very much alive at work and this is the guilty party

If you thought Queen Bee Syndrome lived and died when you were in high school, you are wrong. It is very much still alive and probably occurring in your workplace right now.


How to be the best listener in your office

We know we’re supposed to listen to each other, but how often do you actually sit quietly, put away your phone and hear every single word someone has to say?


How to empower your team to build a culture you’re proud of

By taking collective thinking one step forward to collective ownership, we empower everyone to become a culture bearer of the company.


You’ve been thinking about awkwardness in the workplace all wrong

Is being awkward actually a good thing?


The 100,000 homes campaign: A model for scaling up excellence

This is a true story that more people ought to hear. It contains numerous lessons for any leader, organization, or social movement about how to spread something good from the few to the many.


Four ways to manage your overbearing boss

Before losing your cool or sending out resumes, however, try some of these ideas.

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9 words and phrases that make any professional look weak

Certain words can have a long-lasting impact. Don't let these slip into your conversation.


6 strategies for delivering your message with style

Delivering your message with style doesn’t mean speaking with pizzazz or using gimmicks, it means making a point with confidence, command, elegance, and relevance.


5 ways to improve your relationship with your boss

It’s in your best interest to invest in your relationship with your manager. Career experts give their best advice on how to foster this all-too-important connection.

Words at Work

Whatever you do, don’t even think about using these 5 opening lines in your emails

If every email is different, why do so many of them begin the same way? Here's a list of opening lines you should steer clear of.


Effective icebreakers for networking

One of the most effective and impactful ways to exceed in your career — regardless of industry, skill set or function — is to create lasting bonds with like-minded individuals. This makes networking one of those necessary evils that should fall high on your list of career-building priorities.